UAE Ramadan 2021: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Ramadan and Covid Laws
13 Apr 2021

UAE Ramadan 2021: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Ramadan and Covid Laws

13 Apr 2021

Ramadan celebrations last year were largely disrupted due to the strict pandemic measures in place but how will 2021’s Ramadan fare with measures for the pandemic still in effect, albeit slightly alleviated?

Beginning today, Tuesday 13th April, let’s have a look at government measures that will affect Ramadan this year: 

Ramadan Covid 19 Guidelines:

  • Mosques will be open this year but they must be sanitised before and after prayers.
  • Mosques can open at 50% capacity for all but Friday prayers, which are limited to 30% capacity.
  • To prevent the spread of covid-19, there will be no iftar tents or banquets outside mosques, or anywhere else.
  • Taraweeh, the prayers after evening prayers, will be conducted under the same safety measures, including capacity limits and compulsory masks.
  • Attendees must take their own prayer mats and copies of the Quran.
  • Different families cannot celebrate iftar together. Iftar and suhoor should be shared only with others in the same households; wider family gatherings are prohibited.
  • Majlis should be avoided.
  • Dubai Islamic authority has cancelled all permits for Ramadan tents this year and the setting up of tents or outdoor areas to distribute free iftar meals is prohibited.
  • Those interested in donating iftar meals to workers should contact the manager of the housing and a restaurant to arrange the distribution of packed meals, as meals can be distributed only in labour accommodation this year.
  • Restaurants cannot distribute food in or outside the premises.
  • Authorities will be conducting intensive inspection campaigns and action will be taken against offenders.
  • The elderly with chronic diseases that place them at high risk should continue to avoid public places.
  • Masks should be worn at all times anytime one is outside the home.
  • In the last ten days of Ramadan the situation will be reassessed, and restrictions may be eased.
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